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Gabber turns up in Paris

Of Yiddish origin the word "Gabber" comes from the slang of Amsterdam and can be translated by "friend" or "buddy". It indicates a founding kind of the techno hardcore come from the Netherlands. It developed at the beginning of the 90s in the house scene in particular in Parkzicht, illustrates club of Rotterdam. It becomes extremely popular in the middle of the 90s and gabbers finds itself by thousands in immense festivals such as from now on mythical Thunderdome.

Gabber Expo

20 years later, the current developed but still remains little known. Gabber fascinates by its radicality, and the esthetics of this youth "white-trash" Holland version inspires musicians, stylists and contemporary artists.

GABBER is a mini-festival, a tribute in the movement Gabber and a look on the inheritance of this culture. 2 weeks in 180bpm.
An exhibition where will cross archive documents and contemporary works but also showcases, an evening clubbing, pop-up blind, projections, conferences, initiations dances Hakken, ...

Date: From 1st till 13 May.

Source: gabberexpo.com

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